In this unit, we will study different ways to look after ourselves. Pupils will look at what a balanced diet consists of and, through this, they will revise the main food groups, which they have studied in previous years. Food groups can be presented in different ways and there are a variety of diagrams and methods to present this information.

The food groups are presented using the image of a healthy plate. The focus is on what we should try to include in every meal, which means knowing how to choose different sources of good fats, essential for a healthy diet.

Encourage your pupils to choose nutritional school snacks for themselves. Pupils will extend their knowledge of other ways of taking care of their bodies and minds. This unit has plenty of opportunities to encourage pupils to take responsibility for their health.

Daily hygiene, rest and exercise are healthy habits children of this age can show a responsible attitude towards and carry out by themselves. Pupils will think about health problems and prevention.

They will also reflect on how we change with age and how our emotional health is also of great importance.