In this unit, pupils will review and extend their knowledge of the human body, looking at different parts of the body and the five senses. They will also be introduced to the nervous system and the organs of the five senses: the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin. At the beginning of the unit pupils will revise parts of the body and the five senses. This subject area is covered in the opening illustration with the help of the course characters, Carla and Alex, who are on a school trip to a doctor’s surgery. The school trip continues in the story and, on their return to school, Alex and Carla carry out a School trip project to review all the parts of the body they have learned.

 These opening pages are designed to test pupils’ prior knowledge and ease them into the subject matter of the unit, provoking interest and participation. They will move on to study the nervous system and look at how our sense organs work. This is a new area of study for the pupils and one that requires a high level of language and knowledge acquisition. Therefore, the aim of this unit should be to introduce pupils to the subject matter, focusing on the idea that our body is made up of different parts that work together like a complex machine and less on the detail of how the systems work.