In this unit, pupils will extend their knowledge of materials and matter, reviewing some of their basic properties and developing the concept that everything is made up of matter.
Pupils will observe how matter changes, use different materials to make mixtures and different tools to separate mixtures. Pupils will begin by refreshing what they have learned about common materials and their properties and demonstrate this understanding by means of a poster. 

Then they go on to apply their knowledge of properties while exploring different physical changes of matter. Then pupils are introduced to mixtures, and learn that almost everything around us contains two or more different materials. This lesson provides plenty of opportunities for pupils to make mixtures with a variety of materials and then later focus on separating mixtures with the appropriate tools. The last two content pages deal with energy and its different sources.

In this unit, pupils will practise vocabulary that they have previously learned as well as develop specific scientific vocabulary about matter, materials, as well as a variety of processes. They will continue to work on important skills including observation, classification, choosing the correct tool for different purposes, and the collection and presentation of data.