In this unit pupils will further their study of geography while learning about their country and local area. Pupils begin by refreshing what they know about natural and man-made features of landscapes, and are made aware of the impact that humans can have on landscapes by comparing the past and the present with an old photograph.
On the first two content pages, pupils use a political map of Spain to review what they have learned in previous years about how the country is divided into autonomous communities and a physical map to locate important landforms. This is followed by an in-depth description of some of the most well-known landforms in Spain with a focus on the important mountain ranges. Pupils will locate the mountain ranges on the map and learn some interesting information about each one.
The last two content pages explore the rivers that flow through Spain, taking a look at the course of the major rivers from their source all the way to their mouth.
The new vocabulary in this unit builds on the basic vocabulary pupils have studied in previous years about landscapes. Concepts are also explained in greater detail.
 In this unit pupils will continue to develop their skills of observation, description and map-reading.

Play and have fun learning about Spain!